10th Board Exam 2021 Preparation Tricks, Tips, and Strategy

What are Board Exams

We all know what 10th Class Board exams are and why they are held and How to Prepare for Subject wise Theory and Practicals exam papers. But what is so special about board exam Preparation Tips, Tricks, And Strategy? And why everyone is so obsessed with them? But students have to start their SSC Board Exam preparation in a timely.

There are more myths related to 10th Class board exam Preparation but these are enough for one read. I believe people believe in these myths of How to Prepare for 10th Board Exam SSC in One Month because it gives them hope that if they did things right they will get what they want. Hope is a messed up feeling, you know must be prepared with 10th Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks here published. Thus they must be focused on their CBSE Board exam preparation Subject wise.

Well, myths sounded so depressed and sad so let’s talk about some nice things about the board exam.

  • It prepares you for life, not just the exam. I always wondered why SSC Class 10th board exams are so overrated and why people are obsessed with them. Then I thought if it really is about board exams? No, it was not just about exams. It was about life and how you handle it. In board exams we behave like all our life is depended upon it ever wondered why?
  • Because State and CBSE boards are the first time in any student’s life when s/he feels the pressure. When s/he feels the world is collapsing and they need to stop it. And they study timetable and study hard to avoid their world collapsing.
  • It brings the seriousness of studies into a student’s life. Till previous class, all we know about the future and study is that we will do it. We do not take things seriously which is not bad. What are you supposed to do? Be serious all the time? No. so when the board exam comes our elders start pressurizing us telling us what could happen if we didn’t study well. We get scared and do whatever we could to get good marks. And in this pressure, we realize which subject we love the most.

Here are some important tips about how you can prepare for the SSC board Exam subject wise.

  • Maths: Till this time our entire syllabus is over and we are scared and do not know what we know and what we don’t know. So take the book whichever has all the questions and your teacher has suggested. Simple chapters don’t take time so revise them all in one or two days then solve the entire book chapter-wise. If possible solve one more book so you have an idea of every question that can appear in the exam.
  • Science: If you like Science then you do not need to worry about it. Science is a nice subject if you go a little deeper you will understand every concept without memorizing it. And this way you will see how it was so easy. Do the same thing with this subject too. Solve chapter wise. First, do easy chapters and then move on to the hard ones. Solve every question you get to solve. Do not use only one book. If you can get a hand on other books then use them too.
  • English Subject: English subjects are theory subjects. Students do not need to practice question-solving for these questions. But yes they need to practice writing. English exams are long and theoretical, students need to have a good writing speed in order to complete the whole paper. If a student is slow s/he might not be able to complete the exam in time. So students should use a time timetable to increase their writing speed. It will help with the exams.

What to do for 10th Board Exam Preparation

  • Make a plan and schedule. Follow it strictly. This schedule should include your diet schedule, study schedule, and daily routine schedule.
  • Diet schedules should be prepared carefully too. For the mind to work properly we need to feed it proper food too. The less hungry you are the more concentrated you will be on the studies.
  • After that adjust your study with your daily routine. Count how many hours you are giving to studies and how many hours are getting wasted.
  • Making a plan saves time. It also manages your time.

What to avoid while Prepare for 10th Board Exam

  • Do not start studying without an aim. Make aims for daily. You should have a focused aim like 90%, 95%, etc.
  • Do not try to change your daily life routine. Adjust studies in that. If you will try to change the routine suddenly it might discomfort you. If it’s not much to take upon the sure go ahead but if it is making your life harder then dump the changes into the dustbin and study according to your wish.

So there were some tips and tricks for 10th class board exam preparation which will be conducted in February March. Do you feel them near you yet? If yes then do not waste time and start preparing. Try not to lose yourself in the studies. Be best and do best. Best of luck! We are glad to help you.

First of all, there are so many myths related to the 10th Class board exam Preparation 2020 SSC for Hindi, English, Mathematics, and most people believe in those myths. Students are advised not to believe in any myth and focus on exam preparation. They have to regularly track their exam preparation by solving Model Paper, Sample Papers, and Previous Year Papers also.

So now all Regular Private and Repeaters Ex-students have to start preparing for Board exam 2020 Class 10th as early as possible. They first have to check the Exam Time Table and read it carefully for the subject wise exam date. There is the various board of CBSE, RBSE, Maharashtra, Bihar Board, and UP board exam are held in different manners. So they have to follow the theory’s respective board curriculum syllabus and exam pattern before start Preparation for 10th Exam Board 2020.

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