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Notable Publications :

Publications in Research Journals with National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NASS) rating more than 3.0 (Click here for list of publication>>)

Books Published :

  • A Decade of Research,  1980.
  • Lavniya Ksharia Mrida avam jal ka Upyog, 1982.
  • Salt affected soils of Gujarat, extent nature and management, 1995.
  • Vision 2020 - CSSRI Perspective Plan, 1997.
  • 25 years of Research on Management of Salt-Affected Soil and use Lime Water in Agriculture, 1998.
  • 50 Years of Natural Resource Management Research, 1998.
  • Bhartiya Krishi Mein Anushandhan Krantiyan.
  • Salinity Management in Agriculture, 1998.
  • Ksharia Mrida Kshetron ki samasyan avam samadhan, 2000.
  • Lavniya Ksharia Mridao ka sudhar avam parbandh, 2002.
  • Training manual for undertaking studies on genesis of sodic/alkali soils
  • Lavniya Ayum Kshariya Bhumion ke liey viksit unnatsheel prijatiyan
  • Crop Improvement for Management of Salt Affected Soils, Manual of Lectures for the training program on `Methods of Screening and Development of Varieties and Germplasm of various crops for Salt affected soils' held at CSSRI, Karnal, Jan 17-22, 2005: pp. 216
  • Foundation Day Lecture by J.S. Samra on Ist March, 2006: Heavy metals in soils and waters: Issues of phyto-remediation abd Geo-remediation.
  • Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture Through Command Area development: National Level Training Course: Command Area development with Emphasis on Land Levelling, Shapping, Planning and Design (6-12 Feb., 2006)
  • Drought Management Strategies in India by J.S. Samra, Gurbachan Singh and J.C. Dagar,2006
  • CSSRI: A journey to excellence by Gurbachan Singh, P.C. Sharma, S.K. Ambast and B.K. Khosla,2006
  • Agricultural Land Drainage: Reclamation of Waterlogged Saline Lands by S.K. Ambast, S.K. Gupta, Gurbachan Singh, 2007
  • Technological options for improved agriculture in Tsunami affected Andaman & Nicobar islands and Maldives by S.K. Gupta, S.K. Ambast, Gurbachan Singh and N.P.S. Yadhuvanshi,2007
  • On-Farm Land and Water Management (eds.) M.J. Kaledhonkar, S.K. Gupta, D.S. Bundela and Gurbachan Singh, 2007
  • Krishak Kiran edited by Gurbachan Singh 2008
  • Chemical Changes and Nutrient Transformation in Sodic/ Poor Quality water Irrigated Soils by N. P. S. Yaduvanshi, 2008
  • Diagnostics, Remediation and Management of Poor Quality Waters: Lectures for Summer School by R. L. Meena, S. K. Gupta, R. K. Yadav and D. K. Sharma, 2011 Salinity Management for Sustainable Agriculture in Canal Commands by P. Dey, S. K. Gupta, 2012
  • Participatory Approaches to enhance Farm Productivity of Salt-affected Soils by Y.P.Singh, V. K. Mishra, D. K. Sharma and A.K. Singh, 2013 (From RRS, Lucknow)

List of Priced Publication*:

  • Agricultural Salinity Management in India, 1998 by N.K. Tyagi & Dr P.S. Minhas (Price Rs. 500/-).
  • Agroforestry in Salt affected SOils by Dr. Gurbachan Singh & Dr. N.T. Singh (Price Rs. 35/-)
  • Fifty years of Natural Resource Management Research, 1998 (Price Rs. 210/-)
  • International Symposium on Salt affected soils; Symp. papers, 1980 (Price Rs 250/-)
  • Proceedings of International Symposium on Salt Affected soils, 1980 (Price Rs 150/-)
  • Krishi Vikas Mein Anushandhan Ka yogdan.(Price Rs. 30/-)
  • Lavniya Ksharia Mridao ka sudhar avam parbandh, 2002 (Price Rs 145/-)
  • Salinity Management in Agriculture Proc. Nat. Conf., 1998 (Price Rs 200/-)
  • Training Manual for undertaking studies on genesis of sodic/alkali soils by Dr. G.P. Bhargava (Price Rs. 60/-)
  • Twenty five years of research on management of salt affected soils & use of saline water in agriculture, 1998 (Price Rs. 75/-
  • Sustainable Management of Sodic Lands by D. K. Sharma, R. S .Rathore, A. K. Nayak and V. K. Mishra, 2011( From RRS, Lucknow) (Rs.350/-)
  • Integrated Farming Systems and Livelihood Security: an approach by T. Damodaran, R.B.Rai, Vinay Kumar Mishra, D.K.Sharma, R.A.Ram, Sweta Rai and Harendra Kumar, 2011 (From RRS, Lucknow) (Rs. 150/-)
  • Tatiya avum dvipiya kshetron mein sathayi krishi hetu bhumi avum jal prabandhan , 2014 by S.K.Ambasht, A.V.Murugan, T.P.Swarnam and B.Gangwar

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