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  • Soils of the experimental farm, Karnal, 1973.
  • Reclaiming alkali Soils, 1973.
  • Quality of groundwater of Jind district, Haryana, 1975.
  • Alkali and saline soils: Identification and improvement for crop production, 1977.
  • Coastal saline soils of India, 1979.
  • Reclaiming alkali soils-engineering aspects, 1980.
  • Management of coastal saline soils of Sundarbans, 1981.
  • Climate of Karnal, 1983.
  • Salt movement and dispersion- convection equation: Material balance concept, 1985.
  • Drainage investigation for salinity control in Haryana , 1986.
  • Grasses in alkali soils, 1986.
  • Operational research on reclamation of alkali soils, 1988.
  • Coastal saline soils of India and their management, 1988.
  • Methods of rice cultivation in rainfed coastal saline soil areas, 1988.
  • Sewage water utilisation through forestry, 1989.
  • Soil water relations and root water extraction in alkali soils, 1991.
  • Leaching of salt affected soils, 1992.
  • Agroforestry in salt affected soils, 1993.
  • Mesquite for the revegetation of salt lands, 1993.
  • Ground water quality for irrigation in India, 1994.
  • Modelling conjunctive use of water resources: Hydraulic and economic optimization, 1995.
  • Managing salty soils and waters for afforestation, 1995.
  • Vegetation types in Bhal area, Mahi Right Bank and Ukai-Kakrapar command of Gujarat, 1997.
  • Auto irrigation system, 1997.
  • Guidelines for irrigation with saline and alkali waters,1998.
  • Rainwater management for multiple cropping in rainfed humid Sunderbans Delta (W.B.),1998.
  • Soil salinity for fertilizers recommendations for coastal soils, 1999.
  • Sub-surface fresh water skimming system: Improved DORUVU Technology, 1999.
  • Operational Research Project on saline irrigation in Karanpur, Muthura (UP): Soscio-economic consideration and impact analysis, 1999.
  • Evapotranspiration and crop co-efficient ( Measuremmentr and computation for crop water requirements).
  • Resource characterization and management options for salt-affected black soils of agro-ecological region of Gujarat state, 2000.
  • Fesibility studies on artificial groundwater recharge in North-East Haryana, 2002
  • Central Soils of West Bengal- their nature distribution and characteristics, 2003.
  • Salvadova Persia: Alife support species for salt affected black soils, 2003.
  • Quality assessment ofwater resources in the Indo Gangetic basin part in India, 2003.
  • Nutrient stress managementfor sustaining crop production in salt affected soils, 2004.
  • Waste water use in peri-urban agriculture:Impacts andopportunities, 2004.
  • Isabgol(Plantgo ovata Forsk):A potential crop for saline irrigation and moderatealkali soils, 2005.
  • Greening sodic lands:Bichhian model, 2005.
  • Salt Tolerant Varities for saline and alkaline soils
  • Salinity News, Vol. 12, No.2, July-December, 2006
  • Krishi Main Jal Sarakshen: Kyon aur Kaise?, 2007
  • Opportunities for Promotion of Cactus (Opunita Spp.) as livelihood source in rainfed areas, 1/2007 by Dr. Gurbachan Singh
  • Muti-enterprise Agriculture Model for Livelihood Security in Reclaimed Sodic Land, 2/2007
  • Madhuban Meadows: Diagnosis and Amelioration of Alkali Soils in Golf Course at the Haryana Armed Police Madhuban, Bull. No. 3/2007, Karnal - Haryana by R.C. Sharma, Gurbachan Singh and S.N. Vashisht
  • Extent of Salt Affected Soils in Jammu & Kashmir: A Systematic and Scientific Compilation, Bull. No. 4/2007, Karnal - Haryana by R.C. Sharma, Gurbachan Singh and R.K. Verma and V. Sharma
  • Resource Conservation Technologies in Reclaimed Alkali Soils, Tech. Bull. 1/2008 by D.P. Sharma, S.K. Sharma, P.K. Joshi, Samar Singh and Gurbachan Singh
  • Integrated Farming System Model for Waterlogged Sodic Soils, Tech. Bull. 1/2008
  • Alternate Land Use Management for Sodic Soils, Tech. Bull. 2/2008
  • Biomass and Biodiesel for Energy Production from Salt Affected Lands, Tech. Bull. 3/2008 by S.K. Sharma, Gurbachan Singh, G.G. Rao and N.P.S. Yadhuvanshi
  • Lavan Prabhavit Bhumi Me Aswagandha ki Unnat Kheti, Tech. Bull. 4/2008 by Gurbachan Singh and Ali Quadar
  • Farmers' Responses and Strategies to Manage Rainstorms and Low temperature during winter, Tech. Bull. 5/2008 by M.J. Kaledhonkar, S.K. Gupta, D.S. Bundela and Gurbachan Singh
  • Dryland Biosaline Agriculture - Hisar Experience, Tech. Bull. 6/2008 by J.C. Dagar, O.S. Tomar, P.S. Minhas, Gurbachan Singh et al.
  • It is boom for farmers - First Salt tolerant Basmati Rice Variety CSR 30 (Hindi version), Tech. Bull. 7/2008
  • Biodrainage Eco-frinedly technique for Combating Waterlogged & Salinity, Tech. Bull. 9/2008 by Jeet Ram, J.C. Dagar, Gurbachan Singh et al.
  • Managing Prosopis for Livelihood Security in Salt Affected and Dry Areas, Tech. Bull. 10/2008 by Gurbachan Singh
  • Reclamation of Waterlogged Saline Soils: Subsurface Drainage System, Tech. Bull. 1/2009 by S.K. Gupta, M.J. Kaledhonkar et al.
  • Alkali Soil Reclamation and its impact on social and economic development, Tech. Bull. 2/2009 by R.S. Tripahi and Gurbachan Singh
  • Management of Alkali Water, Tech. Bull. 1/2010 by S.K. Gupta
  • Computerized Database on Salt Affected Soils in India, Tech. Bull. 2/2010 by A.K. Mondal, R.C. Sharma, Gurbachan Singh and J.C. Dagar
  • Phosphogypsum: An alternate chemical amendment for sodic lands: Tech. Bull.1/2011 by A.K.Nayak, D.K.Sharma, V.K. Mishra, S.K.Jha, C.S.Singh, Md. Shahabuddin, Manoj Srivastava, S.P.Kale and G.B.Singh (from RRS, Lucknow)
  • Usar Bhumi mein gehun ki upaj per Tapman avum versha ka prabhav tatha prabhandhan(Hindi): Tech. Bull. 2/2011 by V.K.Mishra, D.K.Sharma,Shefali Srivastava, T. Damodaran, C.S.singh, S.K.Jha, C.L.Verma, A.K.Nayak, Avum Md. Shahabuddin (From RRS, Lucknow)
  • Salt Affected Soils of Nain Experimental Farm: Soil Characterstics, Reclaimability and Potential Use: Tech. Bull 3/2013 by A.K. Mondal, Madhurama Sethi, N.P. Yadhuvanshi et al
  • Usar Sudhar Nirdeshika: Tech. Bull.01/2012 by Yashpal Singh, D.K.Sharma, Chhedi Lal Verma and Vinay Kumar Mishra (From RRS, Lucknow)
  • Appraisal of Salt-affected , waterlogged soils in Rohtak, Bhiwani, Jind and Jhajjar Districts of Haryana using Remote Sensing and GIS: Tech. Bull.02/2012 by Madhurama sethi, M.L.Khuran, Rakesh Bhambri, D.S.Bundela, S.K.Gupta, Sita Ram, Anil Chinchmalatpure, S.K.Chaudhari and D.K.Sharma
  • Coastal saline Soils of Gujarat: Problems and their Management : Tech Bull.01/2013 by G.Gururajarao, Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, sanjay Arora, M.K.Khandelwal and D.K.Sharma (From RRS, Bharuch)
  • Sanrakshan Kheti ke Sidhanton per aadharit khadyan suraksha ki ek saamrik Rooprekha: Tech. Bull.01/2014 by P.C.Sharma, H.S.Jat, N.P.S.Yaduvanshi, D.K.sharma and Gurbachan Singh
  • Land Shaping- A unique Technology for improving productivity of Coastal Land : Tech Bull. 02/2013 by D. Burman, B.K.Bandyopadhyay, Subhasis Mandal, et al (From Canning Town)
  • Resource Conservation Technologies in Rice-Wheat system: Tech Bull. 02/2014 by Ranbir Singh, S.K. Chaudhari, R.S. Tripathi, et al
  • Drip Irrigation for Wastewater use: A case study on use of Sewage Water for Vegetable Crops: Tech. Bull.03/2014 by R.S. Pandey, P.K. Joshi, R.K. Yadav and N.K. Tyagi
  • Lavangrast Kshetron Ke Liye Gehoon Utpadan Ki Prabhavi Taknikiyan: Tech. Bull. 04/2014 by Pravender Shyoran, R.K. Singh, Gajender, R. K. Yadav and Dinesh Kumar Sharma
  • Drip Irrigation for Wasterwater Use: A case study on use of sewage water for vegetable crops: Tech. Bull. 03/2014 by R.S. Pandey, P.K. Joshi, R.K. Yadav and N.K. Tyagi
  • Laser Land Levelling: Tech. Bull. 01/2015 by S.K. Ambast, S.K. Gupta and Dinesh Kumar Sharma
  • Sustainable Intensification Opportunities under current and Future Cereal Systems of North-West India: Tech. Bull. 4/2015
  • Assessment of Production and Monetary Losses from Salt-affected Soils in India by D.K.Sharma, Thimmappa, K., A.R. Chinchmalatpure, A.K. Mandal, R.K.Yadav, S.K.Chaudhari, Satyendra Kumar and A.K.Sikka: Tech. Bull. 05/2015
  • Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization of ICAR-CSSRI Technologies for Management of Salt Affected and Waterlogged Soils in India by Anil K. Chinchmalatpure et al: Tech. Bull. 03/2015 pp. 1-72
  • Reclamation of Alkali Soils through Gypsum technology by P.C.Sharma, K.Thimmappa, M.J. Kaledhonkar and S.K. Chaudhari : Tech. Bull. 01/2016

  • Reclamation of waterlogged saline soil through Sub Surface Drainage Technology by P.C.Sharma, K.Thimmappa, M.J. Kaledhonkar and S.K. Chaudhari : Tech. Bull. 02/2016

  • Status of Centre State Coordination in Agricultural Research, Education and Extension in Region V (Haryana, Punjab and Delhi): Proceedings xxiv meeting of ICAR Regional Committee No.V
  • Souvenir: 5th National seminar: Climate Resilient Saline Agriculture, sustaining Livelihood Security, 21-23 Jan., 2017, Bikaner
  • Abstracts: 5th National seminar: Climate Resilient Saline Agriculture, sustaining Livelihood Security, 21-23 Jan., 2017, Bikaner
  • 48th Foundation day lecture delivered by K. Alagsundaram
  • Lavnta Samachar Part 22 No. 2 (Jan-June, 2016)
  • Guidelines and Cost of Sub-Surface Drainage Technology for Large Scale Recommendation of Waterlogged Saline Soils Brochure

  • Assessment and Mapping of salt-affected soils using Remote sensing and GIS in Southern Districts of Haryana State by Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, Madhurama Sethi, Parveen Kumar, Murli Dhar Meena, G.S. Sidhu, Jaya N.Surya, M.L.Khurana, Sita Ram, Sunil Jangra, Anil Yadav and R.K.Yadav : Tech. Bull. 2017/01
  • On-farm composting of municipal solid waste for restoration of degraded sodic lands and sustaining crop productivity by Y.P. Singh, Sanjay Arora, V.K. Mishra and H. Dixit: Tech. Bull. 2018/01
  • Mapping and extent of salt-affected soils in Rewari and Mahendragarh Districts of Haryana State using Remote Sensing and GIS by Madhurama Sethi, Nirmalendu Basak, Ashim Datta, Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, M.L.Khurana, A.K.Yadav, Arijit Barman and R.K.Yadav: Tech. Bull. 2018/07
  • Winter School Manual-ICAR-CSSRI-4-24 Sept. 2018 by M.J. Kaledhonkar, R.L. Meena, B.L. Meena, N. Bsak and P.C.Sharma




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