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Data Base on Salt Affected Soils & Poor Quality Waters

Reclamation and Management of Alkali Soils

  1. NRMACSSRISIL201300700852. Optimizing zinc and iron requirement of pearl millet-mustard cropping system on a salt affected soil. (B.L. Meena, Parveen Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, R.L. Meena and M.J. Kaledhonkar)
  2. NRMACSSRISIL201400600864. Nutrient and residue management of ZT-DSR basmati rice-ZT wheat cropping system under partially reclaimed sodic soils. (Parveen Kumar, R.K. Yadav, A.K. Rai and Ashwani Kumar)
  3. NRMACSSRISIL201500100877. Impact assessment of CSR-BIO on livelihood security of farmers in salt affected regions. (Raju R., T. Damodaran and Thimmappa K.)
  4. NRMACSSRISIL201501300889. Impact of secondary salinization and other stressors on agricultural systems: constraints analysis in South-Western Punjab. (R.K. Singh, Satyendra Kumar, Anshuman Singh and Nirmalendu Basak)
  5. NRMACSSRISIL201600400902. Farmer participatory enterprise mix diversification on reclaimed sodic land (Gajender, R. Raju, A.K. Rai, R.K. Yadav, Madhu Choudhary, Raj Kumar and K.S. Kadian)
  6. NRMACSSRISIL201600100899. Characterization and application of sewage sludge and municipal solid waste compost for reclamation of sodic soils. (Parul Sundha, A.K. Rai, Gajender, Nirmalendu Basak and Priyanka Chandra)
  7. NRMACSSRISIL201700100925. Isolation, identification and assessment of salt tolerant zinc solubilising bacteria for enhancing availability and use efficiency of zinc in salt affected soils. (Awtar Singh, R.K. Yadav, A.K. Rai and Madhu Choudhary)
  8. NRMACSSRISIL201700200926.Dynamics of nitrogen and organic matter fractions in soils under long-term conservation agriculture in reclaimed sodic soil. (Ashim Datta, Madhu Choudhary and P.C. Sharma)
  9. NRMACSSRISIL201700300927.Sustainable nutrient management strategies for partially reclaimed salt affected soils. (Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj, Priyanka Chandra and Bhaskar Narjary)
  10. Co-production of adaptive knowledge and policies: frameworks for autonomous and planned adaptations in stressful environments. (Ranjay K. Singh, R.K. Yadav, Anshuman Singh, Parveen Kumar and P.C. Sharma)

Drainage Investigations and Performance Studies

  1. Impact assessment of subsurface drainage technology in canal command areas of Karnataka. [(R. Raju, Thimmappa K., Aslam Latif Pathan)
  2. Performance evaluation of subsurface drainage systems in Haryana and to implement interventions for improving operational performance and impact. (D.S. Bundela, Bhaskar Narjary, Pathan Aslam Latif, R. Raju and Parvender Sheoran)

Management of Marginal Quality Waters

  1. Hydro-physical evaluation of a rain water harvesting system under saline soil and groundwater environment. (Bhaskar Narjary, Satyendra Kumar, M.D. Meena)
  2. Improving farm productivity through sustainable use of alkali waters at farmer’s field in rice-wheat production system. (Parvender Sheoran, R. K. Yadav, Nirmalendu Basak, Satyendra Kumar and R.K. Singh)
  3. Conjunctive water use strategies with conservation tillage and mulching for improving productivity of salt affected soils under limited fresh water irrigation.(Arvind Kumar Rai, Nirmalendu Basak, Satyendra Kumar, Bhaskar Narjari, Gajender Yadav)
  4. Evaluation of commercial vegetable crops under protected cultivation structures in saline environment (R.L. Meena, B.L. Meena and Anshuman Singh and M.J. Kaledhonkar)
  5. Assessing use of press mud/press mud compost in gypsum beds for neutralization of RSC in irrigation water. (R.K. Yadav, M.D. Meena, Satyendra Kumar, Parul Sundha and Madhu Chaudhary)
  6. NRMACSSRISIL201502100897. Isolation, identification and evaluation of plant growth promoting bacteria for mitigating salinity stress in crops. (Madhu Choudhary, Gajender and M.D. Meena)

Crop Improvement for Salinity, Alkalinity and Waterlogging Stresses

  1. Development of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) genotypes with improved salinity tolerance and higher seed yield. (Jogendra Singh and P.C. Sharma)
  2. Genetic enhancement of wheat with respect to salt and waterlogging tolerance. (Arvind Kumar, P.C. Sharma, Y.P. Singh and Indivar Parsad)
  3. Physiological and biochemical basis of salinity and draught stresses tolerance in rice and wheat cropping system. (Ashwani Kumar, Krishnamurthy S.L. and Arvind Kumar)
  4. Growth and physiology of guava (Psidium guajava L. cv. Allahabad Safeda) and bael (Aegle marmelos Correa cv. Narendra Bael-5) under salinity stress. (Anshuman Singh, R. K. Yadav, Ashwani Kumar and Ashim Datta)
  5. Identification of high yielding and salt tolerant genotypes in pomegranate. (Raj Kumar, R.K. Yadav, Anita Mann, Murli Dhar Meena and Anshuman Singh)
  6. Genetic enhancement of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L) to salt tolerance. (S.K. Sanwal, P.C. Sharma, Anita Mann, Rajkumar and A.K. Rai)
  7. Improvement of salt tolerance in chickpea through physiological and breeding approaches. (Anita Mann, Jogendra Singh and P.C. Sharma)
  8. Development of rice genotypes for salt tolerance in rice: Conventional and Molecular approaches. (Krishnamurthy, S.L., P.C. Sharma, Ravi Kiran K.T., Y.P. Singh, S.K. Sarangi)
  9. NRMACSSRISIL201700400928. Development of Soybean [Glycine max (l.) Merrillis] genotypes for higher yield under Salt Stress. (Vijayata Singh and S.K. Sanwal)

Agroforestry in Salt Affected Soils

  1. NRMACSSRISIL201600200900. Performance of Eucalyptus plantations on water logged saline ecologies. (R. Banyal, Ajay K. Bhardwaj, Gajender and Ashlam Latif Pathan)
  2. Enhancing productivity potential of saline soils through agroforestry interventions( R. Banyal, A.K. Bhardwaj, Bhaskar Narjary and Parveen Kumar)

Reclamation and Management of Coastal Saline Soils

  1. Impact of saline water on solar powered drip irrigated rabi crops in coastal soils of West Bengal. (K.K. Mahanta, S.K. Sarangi, U.K. Mandal, D. Burman and B. Maji) 
  2. NRMACSSRISIL201600500903. Conservation agriculture for rice-maize cropping system in coastal saline region. (S.K. Sarangi, B. Maji, U.K. Mandal, K.K. Mahanta and T.D. Lama)
  3. NRMACSSRISIL201600600904. Role of soil salinity and land uses on status and characteristics of organic matter under different landforms in coastal ecosystem. (Shishir Raut, B. Maji and T.D. Lama)
  4. NRMACSSRISIL201600700905. Assessment and coping strategies of agricultural risk under coastal region of West Bengal – a social-economic analysis. (Subhasis Mandal, U.K. Mandal and T.D. Lama)
  5. NRMACSSRISIL201600800906. Assessing carbon sequestration potential of conservation tillage practices under rice based cropping systems in coastal saline soils. (U.K. Mandal, D. Burman, S.K. Sarangi and T.D. Lama)
  6. NRMACSSRISIL201600900907. Impact of deficit irrigation on salt dynamics and crop productivity in coastal saline soils.(T. D. Lama, D. Burman, B. Maji, S. K. Sarangi and K.K. Mahanta)

Reclamation and Management of Salt Affected Vertisols

  1. Breeding and evaluation of field crops for salt tolerance in saline Vertisols (Indivar Prasad, Anil R. Chinchmalatpure and Shrvan Kumar)
  2. NRMACSSRISIL201500200878. Performance of guava orchards with forage intercropping and pruning intensity on saline vertisols of Gujarat (David Camus. D., Anil R Chinchmalatpure and Shrvan Kumar)
  3. NRMACSSRISIL201501200888. Impact evaluation of sub-surface drainage technology for reclamation of water logged saline soils in Maharashtra. (Sagar Vibhute D., R. Raju and Anil R. Chinchmalatpure)
  4. NRMACSSRISIL201601000908. Cost effective drainage in waterlogged saline Vertisols for improving crop productivity in Gujarat. (Sagar Vibhute D., Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, David Camus. D, Indivar Prasad and M.J. Kaledhonkar)
  5. NRMACSSRISIL201601100909. Maximization of yield and factor productivity through integrated nutrient management in desi cotton based cropping systems in saline vertisols. (Shrvan Kumar, Indivar Prasad, David Camus. D and Anil R. Chinchmalatpure)

Reclamation and Management of Alkali Soils of Central and Eastern Gangetic Plains

  1. NRMACSSRICIL201301000855. Harnessing productivity potential of waterlogged sodic soil through intervention of farming system modules in Sarda canal command for livelihood generation. [(V.K. Mishra Chhedi Lal Verma, Y.P. Singh, T. Damodaran, S.K. Jha, A.K. Singh, Sanjay Arora and S.K. Singh (NBFGR)
  2. NRMACSSRISIL201500700883. Ground water recharge for remediation of fluoride contaminated water in Unnao district of U.P. (Chhedi Lal Verma, S.K. Jha and V.K. Mishra,)
  3. NRMACSSRISIL201601200910. Breeding of salt tolerant polyembryony mango rootstocks and assessment of bio-efficacy of the microbial formulations in control of Fusarium wilt of banana and guava.{(T. Damodaran (PI), V.K. Mishra and S.K. Jha) S. Rajan, Meenakashi Mishra, Muthu Kumar M. (CISH, Lucknow)
  4. NRMACSSRISIL201601300911. Bio-augmenting crop residues degradation for nutrient cycling through efficient microbes to enhance productivity of salt affected soils. (Sanjay Arora, Y.P. Singh and A.K. Singh)
  5. NRMACSSRISIL201601400912. Feasibility of marine gypsum an alternative source of mineral gypsum for the reclamation of sodic soils. (S. K. Jha, V.K. Mishra T. Damodaran and Y.P. Singh)



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