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National Funded Research Projects

  1. Stress tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa and South Asia (STRASA Phase 3). Krishnamurthy S.L, P.C. Sharma, Ravi Kiran K.T., B. Maji, D. Burman, S.K. Sarangi, S. Mandal, Vinay Kumar Mishra and Y.P. Singh)- BMGF
  2. Intellectual property management transfer/commercialization of agricultural technologies renamed as NAIF. (Parveen Kumar, Anita Mann, Rakesh Banyal, R.Raju and Bhaskar Narjary); ICAR
  3. NRMACSSRISOL201401300871. Assessment of municipal solid waste in conjunction with chemical amendments of harnessing productivity potential of salt affected soils. (Y.P. Singh, Sanjay Arora and Vinay Kumar Mishra) -UPCAR
  4. NRMACSSRISOL201401400872. Bio-remediation of Salt Affected Soils of UP through Halophilic microbes to promote organic farming. (Sanjay Arora and Y.P. Singh) -UPCAR
  5. NRMACSSRISOL201401500873. Land Modification based integrated farming system under waterlogged and waterlogged sodic conditions. (Chhedi Lal Verma, Y.P. Singh, T. Damodaran, Atul Kumar Singh, S.K. Jha ,V.K. Mishra and S.K. Singh (NBFGR)} -UPCAR
  6. NRMACSSRISOL201401600874. Assessment and refinement of existing irrigation practices of major grown under sodic environment. (Atul Kumar Singh, Y.P. Singh, Chhedi Lal Verma and Sanjay Arora) –UPCAR
  7. NRMACSSRICOP201500400880. Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for salt affected soils. (Ajay K. Bhardwaj, Ranbir Singh, R.K. Singh, Parul Sundha, U.K. Mandal, Shishir Raut, K.K. Mahanta, B. Maji, V.K. Mishra and Rakesh Banyal)-NICRA, ICAR
  8. NRMACSSRISOL201501800894. CRP on Agro-Biodiversity-Evaluation of rice germplasm for salinity/sodicity. (Krshnamurthy S.L., P.C. Sharma and Ravi Kiran K.T.)
  9. NRMACSSRISOL201501900895. Identification of salt tolerant ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lam.) rootstocks in a farmer participatory mode. (Anshuman Singh, Ashwani Kumar, Parvender Sheoran, Raj Kumar and R.K. Yadav - RKVY
  10. NRMACSSRISOL201502000896. Farmers’ participatory diagnostic survey using modern techniques and demonstrating technological interventions for sustainable use of poor quality waters to enhance agricultural productivity in Haryana. (Parvender, R.K. Yadav, D.S. Bundela, B.L. Meena and A.K. Mandal) – RKVY
  11. NRMACSSRISOL201502200898. CRP on Conservation Agriculture ‘Productive utilization of salt affected soils through conservation agriculture”. (Ranbir Singh, Arvind Kumar Rai, Parvender and Aslam Latif Pathan)-ICAR
  12. NRMACSSRISOL201601500913. Strategic Research Platform on Climate Smart Agriculture “Developing and defining climate smart agricultural practices portfolios in South Asia”. (P.C. Sharma, Ashim Datta and Madhu Chaudhary) ICAR-CIMMYT
  13. NRMACSSRISOL201601600914. Perceived climatic variability & agricultural adaptations by material resource-poor farmers in salt affected agroecosystems: Implications for food & livelihood security. [Ranjay K. Singh, Anshuman Singh, Satyendra Kumar, Pervender and Dheeraj Singh, KVK, Pali (CAZRI)]-ICAR
  14. NRMACSSRISOL201601800916. Efficient groundwater management for enhancing adaptive capacity to climate change in sugarcane based farming system. [Satyendra Kumar(CCPI) and Aslam Latif Pathan]-ICAR
  15. NRMACSSRISOL201602000918. CRP on water “Evaluation of Irrigation System and Improvement Strategies for Higher Water Productivity in Canal Command”. (Chhedi Lal Verma, A.K. Singh, Dr. Y.P. Singh, Sanjay Arora, T. Damodaran, V. K. Mishra, S.K. Jha, C.S. Singh and D.K. Sharma)
  16. NRMACSSRICOP201602100919. CRP on water “Groundwater contamination due to geogenic factors and industrial effluents and its impact on food chain” (Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, David Camus D. and Shrvan Kumar)-ICAR
  17. NRMACSSRICOP201602200920. Cropping System intensification in the salt-affected coastal zones of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India (LWR/2014/73/KGF). (B. Maji, D. Burman, U. K. Mandal, S. K. Sarangi, Subhasis Mandal and K.K. Mahanta)- ACIAR.
  18. NRMACSSRICOP201602300921. Piloting and up-scaling an innovative underground approach for mitigating urban floods and improving rural water security in South Asia (V.K. Mishra, C.L. Verma and S.K. Jha) –IWMI
  19. NRMACSSRICOL201602400922. Developing the alternate strategies for reclamation of sodic soils. [Arvind Kumar Rai, Nirmalendu Basak, R. L. Meena, R. K. Yadav, P.C. Sharma, Parul Sundha, S.K. Jha and U.R. Khandkar, AICRP (MSUSWA), Indore]- RIL
  20. NRMACSSRISOL201602500923.Mineral nutrient diagnostic and site specific nutrient management demonstrations to improve agricultural productivity of salt affected soils in Haryana.(Anita Mann, R.K Yadav, Parvender, Ashwani Kumar and B.L. Meena) -RKVY
  21. NRMACSSRISOL201602600924. Empowering farmers through selective interventions in salt affected agroecosystems of Ghaghar Plains. {(Parvender, R.K. Yadav, R.K. Singh, Satyendra Kumar, Arvind Kumar, R. Raju, Arijit Burman, S.K. Sanwal and K. Punnusamy (NDRI)
  22. Developing low cost ameliorating amendments for reclamation of sodic soils by suing municipal solid waste. (Murli Dhar Meena, R.K. Yadav, Gajender, Madhu Choudhary, Bhaskar Narjary and Ashim Datta)-DST



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