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International Collaborations

  1. Evaluation of seed spices for edaphic stresses. (R.K. Yadav and R.L. Meena) (O.P. Aishwath, R.S. Mehta, P.N. Dubey of NRCSS, Ajmer; B.K Jha, Ranchi)
  2. Land use options for enhancing productivity and improving livelihood in Bali Island of Sundarbans. [(S. Mandal) (NBSSLUP-Kolkata, CSSRI, RRS-Canning Town and CIFA – Kalyani)
  3. Development of bioformulation(s) for low input organic farming. [(T. Damodaran, CCPI) collaboration with NBAIM, Mau)
  4. Characterization and mining genetic variability in sugarcane germplasm against abiotic stress (Salinity/Alkalinity and low temperature) under subtropical India (Karnal). [(Ashwani Kumar, Co-PI) collaboration with ICAR-SBI,RRS, Karnal)


  1. Subsurface drainage for heavy soils of Maharashtra Karnataka and Gujarat (P.C. Sharma and D.S. Bundela)
  2. Evaluation of BAYER rice hybrids under salinity stress. (P.C. Sharma and Krishnamurthy, S.L.)
  3. Utilization of treated effluent from Aniline –TDI Plant of GNFC Unit II in rabi Maize and its long term impact on properties of Vertisols. (Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, Indivar Prasad, David Camus, Shrvan Kumar, Sagar Vibhute D. and P.C. Sharma)



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