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The Division  is dedicated to pursuing interdisciplinary research on management of salt affected soils and use of marginal quality irrigation waters for crop production. Multi-disciplinary research activities involving experts in Pedology, Soil Fertility & Chemistry, Soil Physics, Soil Microbiology, Agronomy, Agro-forestry and Fisheries   is the major strength of the Division. The major research activities in the Division include preparation and digitization of database on salt affected soils besides periodic assessment of state of soil resources, developing technologies for the optimal management of gypsum amended alkali soils and the use of high RSC and saline waters for crop production. In the post-reclamation phase, focus is on developing resource conservation technologies and the development of farming system models for resource poor farmers owning 2 ha or less land.

Besides excellent experimental fields, pot houses, lysimeters etc., the division posses a state-of-the-art Central Laboratory and other specialized laboratories.

The Division has developed linkages with various organizations such as CADA, HLRDC, Haryana Forest Department, Haryana Agri. Department, NRCAF, INCID, DST etc. The division has built up an excellent Central Laboratory facility with state-of-the-art modern equipments and analytical tools. Besides Central Laboratory, the Division has well equipped Pedology, Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, Water Quality, Agro-forestry, Micro-biology and Fisheries laboratories.

Research Achievements

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Database for salt affected soils

Reclamation and management of alkali soil

Management of waterlogged saline soils

Management of poor quality waters

Agro-forestry in salt affected soils




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