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The salt affected soils are an important ecological entity in the landscape of any arid and semi-arid regions in India; such problematic soils occupy nearly 6.73 million ha and represent a serious threat to our ability to provide food, livelihood security of the burgeoning population.

However, in Uttar Pradesh the salt affected soils accounts for about 1.37 million ha. The majority of these soils are having pHs > 10, exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) >15 and varying electrical conductivity (EC). The soil sodicity is a serious problem of the Indo-Gangetic plain affecting the productivity and livelihood of the people. In order to combat the challenges and threat posed due vast area of salt affected soils in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Indian Council of Agricultural research (ICAR) had decided to establish a Regional Research Station of CSSRI, Karnal at Lucknow during IX Five-year plan and it was formally established on 27 October, 1999. Since its inception, the institute has been pursuing interdisciplinary research on reclamation and management of salt affected and waterlogged soils. The centre has now grown into an internationally recognized centre of excellence in salinity research. The following were the main areas of investigation.

  1. Alkali land reclamation for crop production through agro-chemical methods.
  2. Reclamation and management of waterlogged soils
  3. Horticulture and Agro-forestry
  4. Improving sustainability of crop production through use of salt tolerant varieties.

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Management of water logged sodic soils

Alternate source of mineral gypsum for sodic soil reclamation

Flushing technique for reclamation of sodic soils

A field kit- Soil Sodicity Test

Resource conservation

Banana cultivation under sodic soil through sub-surface soil management

Alternate land use management technique for sodic soil

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