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The Regional Research Station, Canning Town is located right on the climatically vulnerable coastal region of Ganges delta to cater the research and management needs of coastal salt affected soils. The research station is geographically situated at 22o15'N latitude and 88o40'E longitude is at about 46 km south –east of Kolkata. The station at canning Town was established in 1959 when it was under the administrative control of the then Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), Cuttack. Later, after the establishment of CSSRI in 1969 the Research Station was brought under the aegis of CSSRI in 1970 as its Regional Research station. This station has developed several technologies for enhancement of agricultural (agriculture + fisheries) productivity under degraded (saline) coastal soils and poor water (saline) qualities. Some of these technologies are based on land shaping to alleviate the issues of water- logging and increased salinity of soil in coastal area. Several salt-tolerant crops/varieties and management practices have been developed/introduced for multiple and diversified cropping system in the mono cropped area. Agriculture aquaculture integrated farming system, improved techniques for increasing water use efficiency etc. have been developed which may be some of the key technologies for climate change adaptation. The station has a campus of an approximate area of 26 hectare of land on the bank of the estuarine river Matla. It has 3 adjacent units viz. Laboratory/ Office, residential quarters and experimental farm.




Meteorological observatory

Library and Seminar Room



Soil Management

Water Management

Multiple crop cultivation and diversification through land shaping

Crop Improvement and diversification

For more detailed information please contact:
Head, CSSRI, RRS, Canning Town,
South 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India, PIN-743329,
Telephone : 03218-255241/255085, Fax: 03218-255084,
Web: www.cssri.org




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